Are You Happy?

While the dictionary definition may read something like "feeling or showing pleasure or satisfaction" and it all sounds so simple, many people have trouble achieving happiness. It is something we all want or strive for, so is it really that difficult to achieve? Check out some top tips below.

Top 10 Tips to Happiness

1: Keep Fit

Being healthy actually makes you feel happier, so whatever exercise you can do everyday will help.

2: Relax and Sleep Well

Sleeping well has been shown with scientific studies to reduce the effects of negative thoughts and emotions.

3: Avoid the City Commute

Living closer to work and avoiding public transport or traffic jams will help start the day positively and give you more quality time.

4: Experience Nature

Go for a walk, take in the sun, feel the breeze or take in some fresh air. Even for a short time will do wonders for your sense of wellbeing.

5: Spend Time with the People You Love

It's easy to get caught up with work and daily duties but finding time for family and friends helps put everything in the right perspective, even if it's just a phone call to catch up.

6: Smile

Try it - it works. The act of smiling can actually change the way you feel and make you happier!

7: Go on an Adventure

Having something to plan for and look forward to helps you focus and put things in perspective. Doing something new keeps things fresh and helps make you feel younger.

8: Be Thankful

Notice all the things other people do for you and be grateful. Learn to say thank you.

9: Be Generous

Be genrous with your time, your attention or with your money. Giving actually makes us all happier.

10: Choose to be Happy

Happiness is often a choice. If you have some good reasons to be sad, being happy doesn't need any justification, simply choose it.